Where to Download Kindle eBooks For Free

Feedbooks: This is a universal eBook platform, where you have access to thousands of eBooks for FREE!

ManyBooks.net: access over 20,000 eBooks, if you are looking to find a book to add to your Kindle eBook library, all you have to do, is scroll down to the drop down menu and select the Kindle format.

Project Gutenberg: Access as well as download each eBook FREE of charge, choose from a wide array of topics and thousands of eBooks!

So how exactly do you download FREE eBooks to your Kindle wireless device?

You can download eBooks from Project Gutenberf for FREE using two easy and legal methods:

1. Download directly to your computer:
Just access the free eBook websites mentioned through your computer, download the file, copy the file over to your Kindle through your USB cable and place the file you downloaded in the ‘Kindle documents directory’.

2. Download eBooks straight to your Kindle:
Download through your Kindle’s web browser, identify the links compatible with file extensions.txt or.prc, after you have found the right eBook with these file types, click and download the eBook from the link, it should soon show up as downloaded on your home screen.

3. Use email alone ( $0.10 charged)
Just email yourself the.txt file and make sure that this email goes to your Kindle mailbox as Amazon will see to it that the.txt file is converted, which will then allow you to download the eBook using wireless and straight to your Kindle (there is a 10 cent charge for this).

4. Use your email and computer (FREE)
You can use email to send yourself the.txt file towards your Kindle mailbox, Amazon will then make sure that the.txt file is converted and mailed back to you. You can then use the USB cable on your computer, then copy the downloaded eBook to your Kindle

Source by Moira Desta