Where Can You Get Free New Books?

New books can be expensive, particularly depending on the subjects they tackle. But, a reading enthusiast will still buy books whenever they can to enjoy a good read. In modern living, it is possible to read books from tablets or even laptops. This does not however compare with having a tangible book that you can refer to as many times as possible in the future. It is made even simpler to get a handy book since it is now possible to download the books. There are actually sites that will give you access to download free new books that you love the most. Here are some of the top websites that you can use to get a hold of your favorite reads.


This website offers Nook textbook downloads. These books resemble real paperback ones in their look, pictures and sizes. They are arranged in categories for your convenience and you can browse them to find your favorite books for download. Even when you choose a book that is chargeable from their site, you will enjoy a free sample first after which you can decide to go ahead with the download or not. The textbooks are in different languages and genres. There are however not many free books on the website.


This is another great website for downloading books with just a simple click. Majority of the books on this site are about improving skills and studying and the advantage is that you can download all books in a certain category through a simple click. You might however need to sign up for newsletters to manage downloading the books. Those looking for excellent college books will find the site quite helpful.


It has large book volumes that are grouped in recommendations, genres and popularity to make it easier for you to find the most appropriate books for your use. By looking at the reviews that are given by other readers, you are able to book one. You are also at liberty to leave your review for debatable narratives. Every book on the website comes with complete data, hence it is very easy to make a decision amongst the many choices that you have.

On free-ebooks.net:

The interface is the most striking feature of this website. It is designed to offer a pleasant experience with the search for the perfect books. It also offers detailed information on every literature piece that it has to offer. Neophyte writers will find the website a great place to start with creating a book and getting it popular within a short period of time. You are required to register to get access or buy the books that you are interested in.


The ease of navigation offered by the website is perhaps what makes it stand out. The site map is very convenient for all users and it comes with a number of different options for book downloads. You will find anything from free kindle books, DVD and CD projects and audio books. It is the perfect site for devoted readers who do not care much about the details.

Source by Shalini Mittal