6 FREE PYTHON GUI ON GITHUB FOR DOWNLOAD – Thanks to the 15,000+ channel subscribers! ❤️

Hi Guys ❤️ The channel reached more than 15 thousand subscribers!!! As a thank you to everyone I bring you a compiled with 6 free interfaces for you to use in your projects. //// DOWNLOAD LINKS //// 🔗 1- Modern GUI With Python (Simple GUI): https://github.com/Wanderson-Magalhaes/Simple_PySide_Base 🔗 2- PyBlackBOX https://github.com/Wanderson-Magalhaes/PyBlackBox_Qt_Widgets_PySide6_Or_PyQt6_v1.0.0 🔗 3- Discord With Python […]

Introduction to Qt – Download and Installation {tutorial}

This tutorial shows where you download and install Qt. Sounds easy, but there are some considerations you should take into account. Need help? Reach out to our support team or our community: https://www.qt.io/qt-support/ source


Hi guys, Today is the launch day for PyBlackBOX! This project was created for studies of custom widgets where I studied several components that are being implemented in the PyOneDark project. Thanks to all Patreon supporters who helped in this project, without your help this and other projects would not be possible. This project is […]