How to download iTel Mobile Dialer Express on Android

Presenting a short tutorial on how to download and install iTel Mobile Dialer Express on Android OS. This will assist the VoIP service providers help their clients to install the mobile application easily. Select higher resolution from settings for better viewing. For more details about iTel Mobile VoIP Platform, log on to: To integrate our […]

How To Download Movies for Free on Android Phone

How To Download Movies for Free on Android Phone? – This video will demonstrate you how to download or watch movies for free on android phone / tablet by using a simple technique. Kindly share this video: For this tutorial, we will use an application called Flud. By using this application, we can easily […]

How to Enable Auto Download of PDF files in Google Chrome Instead of Opening them in Chrome

want to enable auto downloading pdf files in google chrome? You can ENABLE “download pdf files instead of automatically opening them in Google Chrome” easily!. Go to google chrome. Open settings. Scroll down to the bottom and click on Advanced. Scroll down to Privacy and Security and click on Content Settings at the bottom. Scroll […]