Are Covid breathalysers coming soon? | Download This Show

Breath-based Covid-19 tests are under development around the world, so has the time for disease-detecting breathalysers finally arrived? Marc Fennell asks Natasha Gillezeau, Technology journalist, Australian Financial Review & Cam Wilson, Associate Editor, Crikey. For more from Download This Show, click here:…​ #DownloadThisShow​​ #ABCRN​​ #ABCRadioNational​​ source

What's the importance of the Pentagon’s UFO report? | Download This Show

The report from the Pentagon’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force has finally landed. It claims to come clean at least about 11 different unexplained near misses that pilots have had. To explore what else the report reveals, Marc Fennell talks to Angharad Yeo, technology journalist and co-host of Queens of the Drone Age podcast & […]