How to Download Ringtones to a Sprint Phone

Getting your favorite ringtone on your sprint mobile phone can be a thing of joy. You can find a smile break out on your face as you remember why this particular ringtone fills you in equal measure with both pleasure and excitement. But how do you go about getting your favorite ringtone? It depends on whether your wireless service carrier has an in-built means to download ringtones. In that case, you have to pay to do your download. Perhaps you are one of those who prefer that your ringtone is set as a universal ring. This method is cheap, but your favorite may not be among those in the ringtones available on your mobile. Your favorite ringtones may be on the net and are free to be downloaded. We tackle this issue at once. Here are a few steps to take to download free ringtones to your phone from the net.

The internet is home to numerous sites with different types of ringtones. There are sites for ringtones of rock music, rhythm and blues, reggae, salsa, calypso, etc. It all depends on what your favorite ringtones are. No matter the situation, you need to make an initial contact with a computer with an access to the Internet.

After getting access to a computer hooked to the Internet, you will need to get to the search engine you are comfortable with. This may be Yahoo search, Google, or others. No matter which, browse for the sites for free ringtones. A lot of sites will be available to you.

Take a pause and study the sites closely. Do you need to register to a site that strikes you as containing the ringtones that you cherish, or you do not need to do this at all?. Also, you should find out whether the boxes that sign you up for contact through e-mails or other means are checked or not. Always choose those that are not checked.

You have access to your favorite music ringtone. With most spring mobiles for instance, ringtones sent through SMS can be accepted. Sprint phones have access to the format, which is needed to receive ringtones with both Spring websites and others, which have access to the format but are not Spring. Whatever the case, you will need to provide your carrier and your phone number. Through SMS, your favorite ringtone will be sent directly to your phone.

However, your favorite ringtone may only be downloaded through an in-built method put in place by your wireless carrier. In that case, you have to pay per tone before you can download from the Internet. You press the button for the internet or the web on your mobile. After loading, you go to the download department where you will find a section for ringtones. This is where you scan and download your favorite ringtone to your phone.

However, you need to be aware of a few details about downloading ringtones to your sprint mobile phone. It may be important that you have to receive your favorite ringtones at your home service area. In other words, when you are not within the vicinity of your home service area, it is quite possible that your phone will not be able to receive the much cherished ringtone.

Source by Jenny R Smith