Fire Emblem Heroes update releasing next week (version 5.6.0), patch notes

■ The display for skills is being updated.

We are adding a Best Skills button to the Hero skills screen. With this button, you will be able to choose to display either the Best Skills in a series (the last skills learned in a given series), or to display all of the skills in a series.

For example, if you tap Allies from the Home screen, then Ally Growth, then Inherit Skill, and finally tap Skill Search, filtering by All Skills will display the skills as follows:

However, if you chose to display only the Best Skills, it will display as follows:

・ Skills that can only be equipped by their original unit other than weapon skills will have the Best Skills of their prerequisite skills displayed as well. (Example: Astra and Regnal Astra)
・ Of the Special skills that can be inherited, prerequisite skills will not be displayed, even if the series of the given skill changes. (Example: Bonfire and Blue Flame)
・ When multiple weapon skills that can only be equipped by their original unit have been refined, only the post-refined versions of the weapon skills will be displayed. The weapon skills from which they were refined will not be displayed. However, if weapons with different names have been refined, they will be treated separately and the original weapon will be displayed.

The Best Skills button will be implemented in the following menus:

○ In the Allies Menu
・ Individual Hero Change Skills and Learn Skills menus
・ Learn Skills and Inherit Skill in the Ally Growth menu
・ Equip Skills and Edit/Equip Skill Sets in the Traits/Equipment menu
・ The My Summoner Copy Skills menu in Interact with Allies

○ Skill List Menu
・ The Skill List that is displayed when you select a character on the Home screen, Compile menu, and other menus.

■ The lineup of Limited-Time Combat Manuals is being updated

With the release of Ver. 5.6.0, players will be able to obtain Divine Codes (Ephemera 6) from events and exchange them for an updated lineup of Limited-Time Combat Manuals using the Compile Combat Manual feature.

Divine Codes (Ephemera 6) will be able to be exchanged for the following Combat Manuals:

・ The Combat Manuals that will be added in this update may be compiled until 7/27/2021 11:59 p.m.(PT)
・ Divine Codes (Ephemera

6) may be obtained from events that begin after the release of Ver. 5.6.0, while Divine Codes (Ephemera

5) may continue to be obtained from events that began before the release of Ver. 5.5.0.

■ New weapons to refine are being added

The following weapons will be able to be upgraded or gain additional special effects by using Arena Medals and Divine Dew:

Vassal’s Blade
Hero who can learn this skill: Karla: Sword Vassal

Muninn’s Egg
Hero who can learn this skill: Sharena: Spring Princess

Hero who can learn this skill: Takumi: Empty Vessel

Hoarfrost Knife
Hero who can learn this skill: Flora: Cold as Ice

Hero who can learn this skill: Sothe: Zephyr

Note: To access the Weapon Refinery, you must clear Book I, Chapter 13 in the main story and then clear the second Intermission map, The Rite of Blades.

■ Pawns of Loki is being updated

○ Tier 11 will be added to Pawns of Loki.

■ Aether Raids is being updated

○ The color of the spaces your team initially occupies on the map will be adjusted. When the opponent’s attack range (red) intersects with a space occupied by one of your units in their initial position (green), that space will be easier to see.

○ Some structures will have their level cap increased.

・ Bright Shrine (O/D): up to level 8

○ Aether Resort is being updated.

・ Two new songs are being added to the Concert Hall: “The Proud Commander” from the Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon game and “Past Light” from the Fire Emblem Fates games.

■ Mjölnir’s Strike is being updated

○ A mechanism will have its level cap increased.

・ Shining Summoner: up to level 4

■ Additional Heroes via Heroic Grails

The following Heroes will be available to summon using Heroic Grails:

・ Sonia: Inhuman Beauty
・ Innes: Frelian Moonlight

■ Other Changes

○ Past story movies will be moved to YouTube.

The Book II Opening, Book III Opening, Book IV Opening, and Book IV Midpoint movies will be made available on YouTube. Buttons that are linked to their respective movies will be added to Story Maps.

Along with this change, the movies will no longer automatically play at the points they did in the story up until now.

Also, when you push the Play button for each of these movies in the Movies menu under FAQ/Etc. in the Misc. menu, they will take you to the respective YouTube video.

○ The presentation of certain elements in Frontline Phalanx will be adjusted.

○ Equip Skill Sets is going to be adjusted slightly.

An issue in which you could select MS Defense Team after tapping Select by Team in the Equip Skill Sets menu even if you had locked your Mjölnir’s Strike Defense team will be addressed.

○ A portion of the AI’s logic will be adjusted.

When using Auto-Battle, or during Defensive Battles in Aether Raids or the Arena, Heroes will move to positions where they will be able to get an advantageous result from battle when they attack an opponent.

That’s all the news about the update!
We hope you continue to enjoy playing Fire Emblem Heroes.

Notice 5/10/2021

New Event Calendar Is Here!

Thank you for playing the Fire Emblem Heroes game!

We have gathered the most useful information on upcoming events in a simple calendar that goes up through early June. Use it as a guide as you play the game!

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