Dragalia Lost update out now (version 2.8.1), patch notes

Another update has gone live for Dragalia Lost. All players can now access version 2.8.1, and a Tenfold Summon Voucher is being handed out as well.

Today’s update addresses a number of different issues. We’ve included the full patch notes below.

・When using the Auto Unlock feature while some co-ability nodes are already unlocked, the amount of required eldwater shown in the confirmation screen may appear lower than the amount of eldwater that will actually be consumed.


・Depending on a co-ability node’s position in the mana circle, the amount of eldwater required to unlock it may appear higher when attempting an automatic unlock (displayed when tapping the Auto Unlock button) than when attempting a manual unlock (displayed when tapping the node itself).


・In the mana circles menu, when tapping the Auto button while lacking the necessary materials to unlock mana circles, sometimes a “Support Code: 60001” error will display and you will be taken back to the title screen.


When actually unlocking a mana circle node, the amount of eldwater shown when attempting a manual unlock will be spent. Due to this issue, the game may prevent players from automatically unlocking a co-ability node even though they have enough eldwater to do so manually.


・While the Display Preference for Mana Circles is set to “3D,” if the player uses the Auto Unlock, Auto Unlock (To Selected Circle), or Auto Unlock (To Selected Node) features to unlock an Unbind node, taps on the node, then taps “Unbind,” the game will freeze.
Note: This issue does not occur if the Display Preference for Mana Circles is set to “2D.”

・If the Auto Unlock feature is used to unlock one or more mana circles under certain conditions, the unlock process may stop partway through. In that case, if the player attempts to use the feature again, the message “Insufficient eldwater.” will be displayed.


・When reaching maximum bond with the puppy by giving it gifts in the Dragon’s Roost, the text “Encyclopedia Bonuses Unlocked” may appear even though the puppy cannot unlock any such bonuses.

Note: This is merely a display issue. Reaching maximum bond with the puppy does not unlock any encyclopedia bonuses.


・After unlocking the encyclopedia bonus for fully unbinding a particular dragon, if you fully unbind another instance of that dragon, the text “Encyclopedia Bonuses Unlocked” may appear even though you have already unlocked the bonus for that dragon.

Note: This is merely a display issue. Fully unbinding a dragon whose encyclopedia bonus you have already unlocked does not unlock the bonus again.


As a result of addressing this issue, the pop-up that leads to Notte’s Notes after fully unbinding a dragon will be disabled until the next update.

Dragalia Lost is available on iOS and Android devices.

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