CS:GO Mobile Officially Released Download & Gameplay | The Origin Mission Game

CS:GO Mobile Officially Released Download & Gameplay | The Origin Mission Game

GAME AND VPN LINK https://www.itechyoutube.com/csgo-mobile/

In order to make your game experience more smooth, we open the server regularly every day to ensure the stable operation of the test server.

Beta Test Opening Time:
Jun 3rd, 11:30-24:00
Jun 4th, 00:00-23:30
After June 4th, the beta opening time will be adjusted to 11:30: -23:30 every day.

The gunfire is never stopping here, please join in the battle right now and show off your one shot one kill in the duel.
Game Feature:

The console game’s image quality, that simulates real firearms feelings.
The game uses the industry’s mainstream Unity Engine, combined with PBR rendering technology, and is visualized and optimized for the mobile device so that presents the highest quality visual performance. Real reproduced various firearms props, unique shooting feelings, and the operating experience, all bring you into a Hollywood-level special effects movie.

Diverse modes, classic upgrades, and more battles.
Classic blasting, Team competition, Sniper mode, and a variety of new leisure and entertainment modes allow you to fully experience the feeling of fighting side by side with the team! The diverse gameplay makes every competition a brand new challenge, and the exciting battle never stops!

Hundreds of firearms, ten thousand paintings for you to choose.
Realistic and detailed weapon design, actual weapon weight and ballistic trajectory, unlimited skin painting can be completely arbitrary! Please take great pleasure in enjoying hundreds of free firearms and thousands of personalized paintings.

The pure gun battle, no attribute payment.
The muti-angle dynamic balance system, no attribute payment, will lead you back to the most primitive fun of FPS games, and enjoy an absolutely fair competitive experience in gunfire duel.

The same stage competes, global fighters all gather to the battlefield.
“The Origin Mission” recruits elite players from all over the world to join this peacekeeping operation. Who is the global gun king? Who is the world-class tactical team? Compete with millions of players from all over the world and enjoy the fun of fighting together!

Now, what are you waiting for? Please download “The Origin Mission” and enjoy the joy of victory during the gunfight.

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