Apple Watch faces: where to download the best FREE custom designs (2020)

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With the introduction of WatchOS 7 Apple introduced a bunch of new health features, but also a few new ones that make it easier for you to customise your Apple Watch.

No, you still can’t download custom watch faces like on Android Wear, so you can’t make it look like a Rolex, for instance, but you can download ones created by other Apple Watch owners and shared online.

The best places to get them is from the Buddy app.

Here there are loads of designs that can be downloaded straight to your Watch. And if the face uses an app you don’t have on your watch yet, then the Watch app will prompt you to install it.

Le’t have a look at how this works.

Why would you want to download watch faces? Well, it’s hard to make them on your own. It is easier on the Watch app, but it’s quite hard on the Watch itself.

Buddy app walk through (see video for complete walk through).

The downside is, that some faces are only available on some watches. What that means is that if you have regular Apple Watch, then you can’t get an Hermes or a Nike watch face.

I am not sure why Apple does this, it’s not like we’re going to buy three different watches to get three different styles of faces.

This is only one place where you can download watch faces. You can download more from the internet wherever you find them. As long as they’re in the correct format, you can install them.

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